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Two decades
of architecture

Eraclis Papachristou Architects is one of the most established architectural offices in Cyprus. This is mainly due to its experimental attitude to construction methods along with innovative design in conjunction with the successful completion of various projects, especially in the last ten years.

About us
The task of architecture is ‘to make visible how the world touches us’ Juhani Pallasmaa

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We see architecture as the composition of all elements that define a particular space and inform the character of a building at the time it is conceived: its structure, its form, function and perception.

Interior Design

In order to ensure that buildings do not end up as objects it is important to also investigate them from the inside out, to see how the interior, its definition and inhabitation influence what might be defined as skin, envelope.

Urban Interventions

With the increasing scale of current projects it is imperative that the urban impact of such interventions is explored to the full. We are maybe no longer the social creatures of the courageous sixties but at the same time it is essential that we remain fully aware of the consequences of our tectonic actions.


Attaching to infrastructure, social networks and market forces is not where the design of interaction ends. We consider it important that external spaces, the extensions beyond the built volumes are also addressed as a part of the design.

Project Management / Collaborations

With the international nature of the profession enjoying a sharp increase, even at the scale of Cyprus, project management has become a significant part of architecture. The translation of concept, drawing and vision into tactile tectonics is a demanding process.

Interdisciplinary entities

Architecture is not autonomous or self-contained. The office works with a wide range of other disciplines and considers the establishment of a strong team of Cyprus architects at this level paramount to experience, consistency, efficiency and positive results.
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