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Radisson Blu Capital

Eraclis Papachristou Architects was appointed to design the Radisson Blu Capital hotel in the center of Nicosia. The challenge was to create a unique and dynamic landmark for the city that will stand at a height of 150 meters making it the tallest high rise in Nicosia to date. Being located on the peripheral road of the medieval old city that is circulated by the old Venetian walls, the site acts as a threshold between the historical neighborhoods of the old city and the heterogeneous residential, industrial and commercial areas to be found down town. The city of Nicosia, the last divided capitalin the world, was -until a few years ago- developing as low rise buildings, the exception being in the center where several blocks rose to a height of 10 stories. In recent years, legislative changes have allowed for the development at greater height, with the result that taller buildings, especially in the city center, have begun to be built altering  the skyline just beyond the old walled city. Rising up from a two-storey lobby, the 33 storey building appears as eight varied volumes that have been stacked on top of each other. The building’s various functions are distributed strategically across the eight volumes.

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37,500 sq.m

  • Conceptual Design
  • Design Development
  • Supervision
  • Coordination & Project Management
Design Team

Eraclis Papachristou

Thalia Efstathiou

Giorgos Charalambous

Elia Ioannou

Nicoletta Theophanous


Images are by Mir and Fat Tony Studio