Commercial & Offices

Regional Office Building for the Cyprus Electricity Authority

A design awarded with the 1st prize in the architectural competition (2002). Sited on the outskirts of the city the scheme forms a smooth transition from the urban fabric to the rural space beyond. It is in effect a first contact with the urban fabric of Paphos. Three zones are defined through an emblematic building which articulates the transition from contained volume to green park. These are in contrast to unobstructed views that cut through and the fluid movement across spaces, further enhancing the relationship between internal and external spaces.

Light and its shadow further inform the geometry of spaces. Crisp geometries clad in black emboss the dynamics of the built element, bringing out the lighter interior, especially at night. A deliberate play with positive and negative guides one through a series of poignant spaces drawing disparate parts in to form a collective entity.

Black contains everything
Facts & Credits

Cyprus Electricity Authority




6,201 m2



Year of completion


  • Conceptual Design
  • Design Development
  • Supervision
  • Coordination & Project Management
Design team
  • Eraclis Papachristou
  • Elia Ioannou
  • Dimitris Savva
  • Panayiotis Panayi
  • Yiannos Tsiolis
  • Panayiota Pieri
  • Joanna Theodosiou
Photo credits

Erieta Attali