Commercial & Offices

Salt Lake City

The essence of the project evolved around the concept of extruding the contour of the site into a series of fluid forms. These volumes shape the void, informing absence as much as presence. From the street level the introduction into the complex is defined by a square on one side, by the office tower on the corner of the site on the other. An elevated podium plateau acts as a link between volumes, allowing the fluid forms to bridge the voids smoothly.

The design creates space and definition enough for disparate elements to co-exist within a rich tapestry of functions and spaces, a variety of levels and positive tensions without compromising their individuality. The extrovert statements of presence and the introverted collection of links and junctions among them are carefully worked against each other in order to form a vibrant balance.

Facts & Credits

QN Developing Company Limited




30,000 m2



Invited Competition Entry


Design team
  • Eraclis Papachristou
  • Andriani Souzou
  • Panayiotis Hadjisergis
  • Giorgos Charalambous
  • Yiannis Pafitis