Commercial & Offices

Office Building for OELMEK

The design was awarded the 1st Prize in the competition launched by OELMEK in 2002. Eventually a reduced version of the original design was actually constructed. A single volume within which two disparate functions are housed located on a site that was notable for the sparsity of infrastructure and event. By the very nature of approach one tends not to become aware of the building until actually being at it, increasing its impact.

The main volume, firmly attached to the ground and of a public nature is complemented by an elevated prism which it partially envelopes. The tension between the two elements projects into the wider context, cradling the entrance and the glass cube of the cafeteria room with remarkable ease. There is a deft balance achieved between an apparently solid structure and the insertions into its plastic surfaces.

Facts & Credits





860 m2



Year of completion


  • Conceptual Design
  • Design Development
  • Supervision
  • Coordination & Project Management
Design team
  • Eraclis Papachristou
  • Panayiota Pieri
  • Elia Ioannou
Photo credits

Aris Thanasis