Commercial & Offices

Paphos Town Hall

The Paphos Town Hall takes its cue from a conversation between internal and external spheres. A dialogue which is expressed particularly in the manner of approach, up a slope, where filters and light conditions dictate dynamics and definitions, as opposed to solid walls. In effect a series of horizontal zones dictate different activities, from the public facilities at ground level, the subterranean cultural reference and the elevated offices.

The scheme culminates in a rectilinear prism which is perched above the ‘public level’ providing a ‘fortress’ within which the more private and bureaucratic spheres of the hierarchy are located. This element is wrapped in a cladding mesh that is derived from mosaic patterns and which functions as a filter for the passive bioclimatic approach adopted. This does not occur on the northern facade, where shading is not required and also allowing a more open gesture to the existing church to be made.

Facts & Credits

Municipality of Paphos




30,000 m2

European Competition Entry 2010

2nd Prize

Design team

Eraclis Papachristou Architects