Residence 394

There is no hiding opulence. There is no desire to hide opulence. The game played here is to do with a plethora of rich and luxurious materials, furnishing, fittings and surfaces manage to still provide a legible, comfortable result. The design is not so much in the objects themselves but rather in the way that they meet, or avoid, each other. The narrative that leads from one to the other, that approaches these individually charged spaces must remain legible and comfortable. Luxury is about being able to combine riches. The specific example of Villa 61 is located in the affluent neighborhood of the Limassol Marina, next to the recently revived Old Port. One of a number of individual units that inhabit the space there is a conflict between the luxury and openness of space and the desire for privacy. Covered porticos and classical elements help to reduce the impression of a permeable glass box, while trying to ensure that the experience from within does not feel constricted. Adding to this is a concentrated effort to create a strong and easy link between internal and external spaces, especially with the sea being but a couple of meters away. The success of the project lies in the inhabitants feeling that they are living in a home and not in a display cabinet.   

Facts & Credits

Limassol Marina, Limassol


525 m2


Under Construction


Interior Design


Project Management


Eraclis Papachristou

Eleni Theofanous

Nicole Andreou 

Marios Papademetris

Philippos Protopapas

Panayiotis Hadjisergis

Claire Chrysostomou



Images by We.Creative Studio