Residence 385

Gladstone Street is one of the more pleasant and exclusive streets in Nicosia. A quiet retreat with mature trees and gardens lending it a restful atmosphere, a step away from the abundant traffic and noise of the city. Within this setting a new residential development, a collection of apartments along one side and individual residences on the other.

The last residence, bordering on the river is quite an experience. It has grown out of extremely specific circumstances that effectively remove it even further from the hustle of the city. The geometry, a series of circles and curves, is the first element that renders the design unique. The balance between solid and void, the curving glazed surfaces and the permeated screens that describe the detail in bold moves all help to remove the design from its immediate environment. By virtue of these gestures the relationship between internal and external spaces is also rich, further bolstered by the abundance of plants proposed. We have not reached the stage of implementation yet with this project but we are all looking forward to seeing the actual result.


Space is personalized through identity.
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470 m2


Under Study






Conceptual Design

Design Development


Coordination & Project Management


Eraclis Papachristou

Andreas Matsagkos


Images by We.Creative Studio