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Formatio Hotel-Atlantica Ammos Bay

An intriguing play between strongly defined volumes, conditions of inhabitation and the external spaces that come to render them noteworthy. It is not so much the brutal language of the volumes themselves that make this hotel complex work but, rather the space beyond, the conversation with the space without. A whole series of water volumes, elevated, submerged and intertwined describe a rich experience of spaces. Linear thresholds and sharp, weighty volumes help to carve out of the dry landscape a series of unexpected oasis. Plateaus are created from which vistas and removed references can be absorbed, the space tangible, the experience borrowed. Bold lines and heavy materials serve to provide volumetric statements, within which one can move with confidence. An urban scenario is carved into its own right. As urbanity should there is, within the patent a series of shifting scales and moods with which the totality of the mechanism is informed.

‘I don't divide into architecture, landscape and gardening.
To me they are one.’
Luis Barragan
Facts & Credits

Formatio Ltd


Ayia Napa, Famagusta


13,000 m²

Year of completion

Construction imminent

  • Conceptual Design
  • Design development
  • Supervision
  • Coordination & Project Management
Design team
  • Eraclis Papachristou
  • Loukas Tochnitis
  • Nicole Andreou
  • Joanna Josif
  • Georgia Massia
  • Panayiotis Hadjisergis
  • Timotheos Alexi

 Skordas Design Studio, SDS