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Sports Facilities Building, University of Cyprus

The specific design houses the sports facilities for the University of Cyprus campus. Defined by the elegant volume of the main building, the design also involved all the outdoor sports facilities, along with the landscaping required in the arising interludes. The visually strong element of an elevated walkway serves to accentuate movement between these various spaces and functions and the wider context of the campus. The most impressive thing about this design, as one travels along the lower campus road is the slender protrusion of the roof. This is accentuated through the expressed structure of the trusses that reach out under the canopy envelope and sets it apart from the other campus volumes.

The elegance of the design arises from the initial act of housing all the facilities in a single object, a robust volume against the expanse of the sports fields. Internally various floating bodies neatly constrain and describe the experience of the larger event. Result of a Competition, launched by the Technical Services of the University of Cyprus in 2001. It was awarded the Cyprus State Price 2010 for its innovative design and the high-standard of construction details. The project was nominee for the Cyprus entry to the Mies Van de Rohe European Prize 2011.

Elegance provides presence
Facts & Credits

Technical Services of the University of Cyprus




7,104 m2



Year of completion


  • Conceptual Design
  • Design Development
  • Supervision
  • Coordination &  Project Management
Design team

Eraclis Papachristou Architects
(In Collaboration with C.H.Chrysanthou & Associates)