2022 Architecture State Prize

We are honoured and very pleased to be in the position to announce that our project, the Lampadistis Wine Distillery, has received the 2022 Architecture State Prize. Announcement Link “Often, architecture that anchors itself in a serene, natural setting tends to follow the vernacular and blend neatly with its surroundings. In antithesis to this the Lampadistis Wine Distillery aims at creating a distinct and unique identity within the context. It does not seem to forcefully adopt the notion of contextual architecture but rather,confidently presents itself up as a definite statement. It draws attention unto itself. Even so, at its core, there is a regionalism in its architectural detailing and materiality. The rudimentary and minimal reflection of brutalism in a charged setting creates a powerful dialogue between architecture and nature,each inhabiting the space they require.” See Lampadistis Wine Distillery Here

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